Beneficiary Identity Management Service

BIMS provides identity services for TETFund Beneficiaries accessing various services sponsored by TETFund.


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How It Works?

BIMS implements OAuth 2.0, an open standard for Authentication, enabling single sign-on to TETFund services available to beneficiaries.

Use of BIMS is limited to applications in the Tertiary education space with approval from TETFund. To get started using BIMS in your application, click on Get Started.

Key Features

Centralized Settings

Get to manage all your data and configuration in one place.

Identity Transferability

Share your identity with other applications in a fast and secured manner.

Activity Monitoring

Track all your activities and progress on our dashboard.

Single sign-on

One time registration and data capture, for multiple services.

OAuth Identity Authentication

Seamless authentication and authorization securely driven by OAuth2.

Multi-layered Verification

Verified once on BIMS, Verified Everywhere!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of carefully compiled list of popular questions and answers users have had while using BIMS.

If you have lost or forgotten your password
Click on the ‘forgot password’ link on the login page
Enter your registered email address to receive a default password
Ensure to change to the desired password.

Kindly refresh your page or clear your browser and re-attempt login.

Re-confirm that you entered your username and password correctly.
You may attempt a password reset for a default password to be automatically resent to your email.
If the issue remains unresolved, kindly contact our help desk.

The file to be uploaded must be in excel format of csv or xlsx.
The file to be uploaded must not exceed 2mb. Helpful tip: Convert to CSV formats for smaller file size.
The headings 1st row for excel sheet should contain the following columns: first name, last name, email, phone, unique ID i.e (staff ID in case of staff and matric no for students), Gender and user type i.e (students, lecturers or admin/non-academic staff).

To onboard a single user-
Go to your institution’s dashboard, click ‘Add user’,fill the provided fields and click ‘submit’.
To onboard multiple users (Bulk upload)-
Click on the + (plus) icon right beside the ‘add user’ tab.
From the drop down menu click on ‘users bulk upload’
Select the category of users to be uploaded (i.e lecturers or students or admin/non-academic staff)
Upload your data using the approved template.

Yes, here are the steps to follow-
Go to the search bar and enter correctly any of the following information of the ICT Support Staff- BIMS ID, Name, Email address, or Phone number.
On the ‘Action’ tab, click on ‘Manage’.
Select ‘Assign ICT Role’.
Click on ‘proceed’.
A notification showing ‘user role updated’ pops up briefly once admin privileges have been successfully conferred on the staff.
Simply use the same process to ‘remove ICT role’ assigned if you wish to deactivate.

Go to search bar, enter correctly any of the following information of the user- BIMS ID, Name, Email address, or Phone number
On the ‘Action’ tab click on ‘Edit’ to make the changes.

If notification mail has been received from BIMS that file has been processed and uploaded kindly contact BIMS help desk in this regard.
Kindly note: the upload you wish to delete can only be deleted within 15 minutes from the time of upload, If the time line exceeds 15 minutes Please contact the help desk. To delete upload: Go to school admin’s (DICT) user data uploads dashboard, a list of all uploads done will be displayed. The status of the file to be deleted must be displayed as ‘pending’ On the Action Column click ‘Delete’ on the particular file you wish to delete. Once this is done, you may now go ahead to re-upload the correct data.

For further inquiries or concerns, kindly contact us via: Chat with us live on BIMS website
Fill a query form on the website

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