Beneficiary Identity Management Service

BIMS provides identity services for TETFund Beneficiaries accessing various services sponsored by TETFund.


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How It Works?

BIMS implements OAuth 2.0, an open standard for Authentication, enabling single sign-on to TETFund services available to beneficiaries.

Use of BIMS is limited to applications in the Tertiary education space with approval from TETFund. To get started using BIMS in your application, click on Get Started.

Key Features

Centralized Settings

Get to manage all your data and configuration in one place.

Identity Transferability

Share your identity with other applications in a fast and secured manner.

Activity Monitoring

Track all your activities and progress on our dashboard.

Single sign-on

One time registration and data capture, for multiple services.

OAuth Identity Authentication

Seamless authentication and authorization securely driven by OAuth2.

Multi-layered Verification

Verified once on BIMS, Verified Everywhere!


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